Audio Conference Solutions

Bridge Participants into a call in Seconds

Audio conference bridge solution

An audio conference bridge is a technology that sophistically allows two or more users to conduct a meeting over any public switched telephone network. This solution provides an exceptional quality of voice with fine technology and the best features of the industry.

Features of an audio conference solutions

Participants can join conference by Dialing DID Number.
Moderator can reach participants by dialing out numbers.
Multiple conferences can be held parallely at the same time.
Audio conference solutions Nigeria provides several modes of conference calls to serve the needs of the business.
Conference is secured with PIN and mobile authentication.
Allows the optional recorder for calls.
the solution gives web-login for scheduling and monitoring the conferences.
Participants in the conference can raise their hand for any query while on the mute status.

Features of dialing

Dial-In/Meet Me Conference : Dial-In conference feature for participants to join the conference by Dialing DID Number.

Dial-Out Conference : Dial-Out conference for a moderator to reach participants by dialing out numbers.

Dial-In/Dial-out Mixed Conference : A mixed conference where both Dial-in and Dial-out can be used in a single conference.

Call Recording : Provision for optional recorder.

Handraise : Hand raise option for participants to request to talk even as on mute mode.


Interactive Mode: where both moderator and participants can interact with each other.

Lecture Mode: Lecture Mode of the conference through audio conference solutions Nigeria for an only moderator to speak while other participants will be in mute.

Moderator Mode: Moderator will be mandatory for starting the conference.

Concurrent Conferences : Concurrent Conferences is the capability of conducting concurrent conferences at any point in time.


Live Monitoring : Live monitoring and managing of the conference call.

Scheduling : Scheduling the web where the moderator of the audio conference can send notifications or reminders by scheduling the conference.

Reports :Reports in which moderator can access all reports like CDR & Billing.


Conference ID and PIN Authentication : This is the security for the participants to join the conference by entering ID and PIN.

Strict Caller Number Authentication : With this aspect of audio conference solution Nigeria allows the invited numbers to call participants to join the conference.

Contact Base authentication : Participant need to enter only PIN for joining conference.