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Work From Home Contact Center

Work From Home solution ensures that there will be no server at the agent's location. Central Data Center hosts call center application server, web server, database server and dialing server. Apart from these servers, it has a PRI line for connecting to the agents at each dealer location and PRI Lines/ GSM gateways for dialing to the end customer.

The Data Center at the centralized location has an application server which is used for login, logout, monitoring, agent pop-up, ACD ( Automatic Call Distribution) etc., based on the load distribution requirement other server functions can be implemented in the same or in different servers. Agents are connected to the center server through Internet connection for the data exchange and PSTN for the voice calls. Central server will have a PRI interface for connecting to the agents at the dealer location and GSM interface for connecting to the end customer.

Work From Home Contact Center for Inbound Calls

Calls from the end customer will be received on the PRI/ SIP/ GSM interface. This call will be forwarded to the agents phone at his home location. Agents phone can be landline/ FWP/ feature phone or a smartphone. Once they receive the call a pop-up will also be given at their PCs containing the details of the customer.

Work From Home Contact Center for Outbound Calls

Calls can be initiated through preview or progressive dialing or Agents can use click to call links at their desktop devices. Calls will be initiated from the centralized server and once customer pics up the call it will be given to the agents phone.