Call center solutions for healthcare in Nigeria

Healthcare industry

Giving help to the in-need needs an energetic and dependable solution. Call center software for health care is here to provide the best act in these critical situations for patients. It is the hand-picked solution for setting up medical appointments as well as for following up on the treatment progress of the patient. A healthcare alliance must be capable of with the definite tools to offer the best treatment to the sufferers. Hospitals are using an IVR system for validating as well as arranging patient’s appointments

Deepija solution in Nigeria has helped the health care centers with a health insurance card from Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited to all its employees. Therefore call center software for health care is offering a practicable guard to all the workers of the company.

About the customers of health care call center

Deepija solution is a call center solution for health care that is providing services to Hyderabad situated L V Prasad Eye Institute that is a comprehensive eye health provider. It is a pool resources centre for preventing blindness with WHO. The establishment provides complete care with enrichment of sight and treatment services to patients suffering from eye problems. Health care call center software offers high-impact rural eye health programs to healthcare organizations to expand their occurrence worldwide.

Problems with the health care institutions – The problem with the health care organisation is to handle a massive number of calls of patients. As a result, time per call increases.

Solution provided by Deepija solutions– L.V. Prasad Eye institute uses Deepija’s interactive voice answer system app included with call ceter. Call center solutions for health care assistance for mid-management of scheduling medical for all branches.

Benefits to call center solutions

They have a well-organised process for appointments of the patients with an IVRS integrated system. With the help of call center software for health care now the patients are pleased as they get the necessary appointment information on call all time. The number of followers for calls and the workload is now reduced to half in the hospital.

Features of the call center solutions

Patient Appointment Handling
With the assistance of solutions for call center now hospitals receive calls for the appointment with pathology assistants and doctors.
Code Blue Solution
Call center solution for health care can help in linking loyal patient review instruments. This quality of the solution works from the EPBAX or GSM doorway system.
Intelligent Call Routing
An address book for call routing is available on the screen. Whenever a negotiator gets the pop-up of a call then he can self-assured the call by the descend option on the screen.
Emergency Call Handling
Emergency calls needs to be handled without setbacks no matter how hectic the reception desk of the call center is. Deepija solution ensures immediate call handling.
Ip - PBX
The call center software for health care has an integral advanced IP-PBX system. With the aid of that, you can use all qualities and can get a massive cost saving.
Video Recording
This can assist in live video communication between doctor and patient. After that patients are allowed to supply their precious feedback at any time.
Agent Performance Report
This feature is to pathway all the reports of the agent like hourly and daily recital reports, monthly immediate screen reports.
Feedback System
Patients can provide their valuable Feedback at any time any where during On Call Services.