IVR(Virtual Receptionist)

Revolutionizing the way customer interacts with your organization.

A computerized answering system as a virtual receptionist

A practical receptionist is an answering system that answers the call for your business technically. This also offers the feature to forward the calls to an alternative phone number. An IVRS development also helps to tackle each incoming call effectively. For managing the procedure of your business an IVR system puts imperative data at your clearance.

Advanced features provided by IVR development

Multi-Level IVR
This is a developed feature under the main IVR to intake extra input of customers.
Call Recording
For the quality training purpose, all calls are recorded.
Reports of all calls and campaigns are prepared through IVR development.
Monitoring Tools
All calls, campaigns and other resources of a call center are monitored.
Voice Mail
This facility is for callers when no agent receives the call.
Single Number
One number is used for all types of callers.
Call Forwarding
Incoming calls are transferred to a given number based on the input of the caller.
Missed Call Handling
When calls are missed due to a busy schedule then the system handles those calls.


"Making a royal relationship with customers"

Customization : according to the necessity of a business.

PBX Integration : Can be integrated to any external PBX on standard interfaces like PRI/SIP.

Email Integration : Email can be integrated with IVR.

SMS Integration :SMS can be integrated with ConVox IVR.


"Make certain the protection and consistency of your call center"‚Äč

Voice Encryption : Voice can be encrypted and stored in Local/Cloud.

Session Handling : No user can view the reports without the login of admin.

No Data Injection : Data Injection is prevented in MYSQL Server.

Cross Site Attack : Application is guarded against cross site attack.