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Video calling solution for Doctor Consultation

Patient requests for appointment through website

Doctor confirms the appointment and Notification is sent to both patient & Doctor regarding the scheduled time of appoinment.

Reminder can be scheduled through SMS or Automated Voice call.

At the time of appointment doctor makes the call to patient.

Doctor Records the session for further Reference.

Video calling and chat session between doctor and patient.

Doctor/patient use camera on device which can be laptop,desktop,tablet or SmartPhone.

Patient can send the health measurements (Temperature,BP,etc.)and doctor can give prescription on chat window.

Counselling session can be recorded.Good quality of Audio and vide of or review purpose.

Sessions can be centrally Monitored and live streamed to multiple devices.

Doctor/Counsellor will have the controls on session recording.


Video Calling Detail Report
Live Chat with Video Call
Broadcast Data Storage
Compress Video for Storage
Video Buffering (When internet is slow)

Video Call Benefits Of Hospitals

Patients can use Smartphone for consulting the doctor while at home through alive video call and chat.

It saves travel time and waiting in Queue.

Live Video Interaction and Chat between Doctor and patient.

Affordable access Health care services for remote villages.

Video Recorded sessions can be used as reference case studies For Internal knowledge sharing and also to build network with other hospitals.

Doctor can consult external Specialist and Experts doctors using this facility.

Counselling session for charges and estimates for ‘INPatients’ needs to be recorded in Good Quality-Audio/Video.This is required as per Government Guidelines.